Save Money by Purchasing An Australian Doona at Factory Direct Prices

As winter hits across Australia and the temperature starts to fall, people are preparing to combat the cold during the upcoming winter season. Everyone wants to sleep warm and sound during the coldest of nights but it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg! But will you indeed invest your hard earned money on a product with an inflated price tag? Stay warm this winter by shopping sensibly and not burning a hole in your hip pocket. Look for factory direct prices, wholesale and/or online or in-store sales.

What is a factory direct price?
A factory direct price is an effective way to avoid additional costing layers caused by multiple middle elements between the factory and retail stores. Consequently, some manufacturers have emerged in the Australian market that allow their customers to purchase an Australian doona directly from the manufacturing unit and delivered to your doorstep.

They often involve a convenient and easy-to-use online platform to offer their products direct. Buyers place an order online for a particular woolen item based on their choice and budget, and the manufacturers ship the products across Australia, with some manufacturers even offering free shipping for additional savings.

In addition to the savings, manufacturers provide a great range of top quality and anti-allergenic wool quilts in Australia. The products are made of certified woolen fabrics that ensure no irritation and a healthy sleeping environment. Moreover, the items can also be used during warmer months with the same level of comfort, as wool is a breathable fibre.

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