How Wool Bedding Improves Your Sleep Quality

An average person spends approximately one-third of his or her life sleeping. It is generally known that a person should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep to function properly during the day.

But many people suffer from acute or chronic insomnia, unable to get a decent night’s sleep. If you have sleepless nights on occasion that are not attributed to medical reasons, perhaps you can benefit from a little change in bedding.

Wool bedding

Wool is one of the best bedding materials. As Australia has a large wool industry, there are many companies that specialise in just this type of bedding alone. Whether you need a queen size doona or king size quilt, you are bound to find wool bedding to your liking.

A wool doona is truly versatile and can be used during all seasons. Because wool is a natural, breathable fiber, it retains heat for those cold winter nights, and absorbs moisture when you get too warm during summer. This is a big relief if you can’t sleep due to the failure of temperature regulation.

It’s also ideal if you have a partner who has a vastly different sleeping temperature than you. One king or queen size doona can last both people all throughout the varying seasons of the year.

If you have a skin disorder, wool is ideal because it keeps irritants like household dust mites off your bedding. As they are major triggers for asthma and allergy, keeping them off will go a long way towards getting a good night’s sleep.

So how much would it cost to replace your entire bedding with wool? Contrary to what you might think, your new wool bedding doesn’t have to be expensive if you do your research and shop around. With a minimum investment, you can have wool bedding that is both long lasting and comfortable.


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