An Australian Doona Made Out of Wool for Summer Months

It’s that time of the year. With summer rapidly approaching, perhaps you’d like to change your bedding to something more appropriate for the season. Australia’s extreme weather calls for a separate bedding for winter and summer months.

If you benefitted from a wool doona all winter along, you’d be happy to know that you can continue experiencing the same comfort in summer. You can still get a quality Australian doona made out of wool that’s exclusively for summer. With lower grams per square metre, typically around 350, a lightweight wool doona for summer still provides the same premium comfort for the warm summer nights.

So why choose wool doonas over other materials, like feathers and downs?

Natural fibre

Wool is a natural, breathable fibre. It absorbs body moisture so on those hot summer nights where you sweat excessively, you can still wake up fresh.

Great for allergy sufferers

Allergies can worsen in spring due to hay fever and pollen. Comfortable bedding at night is a small respite for allergy sufferers. A wool doona can provide just that, as it doesn’t collect dust mites that are known to trigger allergies.


Naturally resilient and easy to care for through dry cleaning or machine washing, your wool doona will last a long time.

The best place to buy your summer wool doona is online. To ensure you get quality wool doonas from Australia online, check for the “Australia Made and Owned” mark. Also, deal with a company that offers factory direct prices so you can get the best deal possible.

You spend one third of your life sleeping, so you want to make your sleeping environment as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible. There is no bedding better than an Australian wool doona to weather your warm summer nights. Investing in proper bedding will ensure that you’ll wake up well rested and refreshed every morning.


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