Choosing a Wool Quilt for a Better Nights Sleep

Have you ever thought about how sleep can affect your life in general? People spend one-third of their lives sleeping and most people have reported suffering from bouts of insomnia at some point or other. Poor sleep quality can cause impaired brain activity, moodiness, memory problems, depression, cognitive dysfunction, and in worst scenarios, accidental death.

If you suffer from serious, chronic insomnia, you should book an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. If your condition is not as serious, a lack in quality sleep can be addressed by changing a few habits. Exercising a few hours before (but not right before) bedtime, not reading or using an electronic device in bed and having the optimum room temperature can all improve one’s sleep quality.

Then there’s the issue of bedding as it’s actually one of the first things that need to be considered.

There are many studies regarding how a proper bedding system can restore a good night’s sleep by reducing discomfort. One of the best bedding materials is wool. While wool seems only necessary in the colder months, there are many people who use summer wool quilts in Australia to weather the unbearable heat.

A season-appropriate wool quilt provides the right insulation so you can keep cool during summer and warm during winter. Wool is also good for people with itchy skin problems like eczema, as it doesn’t attract house dust mites that cause itchiness.

There are many other qualities of wool that make it an appealing bedding option. It’s fire resistant, easy to clean and care for, incredibly comfortable, and with many online stores offering factory direct prices and product guarantees, it’s quite affordable.

Summer is coming to an end in a few weeks. You’ll have a nice stretch of autumn, but are you prepared for the long winter months that lie ahead? Now is a good time to evaluate your bedding options and see if you can benefit from wool bedding.


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