How to take proper care of an Australian woollen quilt

A wool quilt, or a wool doona as it is sometimes known as, is a popular choice of natural bedding for many people. However popular they are, there is the perception that wool quilts can be more difficult to look after than their cotton counterparts, but this isn’t necessarily so. The following are some tips when it comes to taking proper care of your Australian wool quilt.


If your wool quilt just requires a freshening up, it may suffice to just hang your quilt out on the washing line to give it the benefit of the fresh air and sunshine. Regular airing of your wool quilt will increase its freshness and prolong the life of your duvet. It is sometimes said that putting a sprinkle of baking soda on a wool quilt before hanging it out can help eliminate any smells or odours in a natural way.

Sponge Clean

If your wool quilt has a small stain, you can sponge clean it with some wool detergent and warm water. Once the stain has been removed, you should lay it out flat in the fresh air to dry naturally. Spot treating your wool quilt in this way and letting it dry in the great outdoors can often be enough to clean and revitalise your bedding.

Machine washable?

All Aussie wool quilts come with a care label attached and as some wool quilts are machine washable while others are not, it’s important to follow the advice on the care label. If your wool doona is machine washable, this means that you can load it into your washing machine and wash it at a cold temperate, generally 30 degrees.

Dry Clean

If your wool quilt is dry clean only, then you must adhere to the care instructions and leave the cleaning of your wool duvet to the professionals!
With these tips, you can make the most of the wonderful benefits of your wool quilt for as long as possible!

Aussie wool quilts


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