How an Underlay Can Improve Your Night’s Sleep


If you spend hours tossing and turning in your bed at night, and are unable to get comfortable enough to drift off to that deep sleep that you so longingly desire, then we may just have the answer to your problem! While your mattress plays an instrumental part in getting your comfort levels just right, did you know that an underlay can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep? It’s true, and here’s why:

  • Provides Extra Padding

An underlay is an extra layer of cushioning that is placed on top of your mattress for extra comfort and cosiness. An underlay can be made from cotton or foam and you can also purchase a woollen underlay. Each of these types of materials offers extra padding to you although each of these materials has their individual advantages. With this extra padding, you can enjoy higher levels of comfort that can be particularly beneficial for those people with aching or sore joints.  


  • Regulates Body Temperature

If you find yourself hot and sticky and it’s because of this reason that you can’t drift off to sleep, then you should consider the addition of a wool underlay. An underlay made from wool can help you regulate your body temperature as wool has the natural ability to draw moisture away from the body, which ensures that you never get too hot or too cold. A machine washable wool underlay will be easy to look after and maintain.

  • Reduces Moisture Levels

An underlay can act as a moisture barrier between you and your mattress, which will undoubtedly result in a more comfortable night’s sleep for you. In addition, your mattress is protected and its useful life can be prolonged. In the same way, an underlay can revitalise an aging mattress which will allow you to get a little bit longer use from it.

Once you add an underlay to your bed, you can begin to enjoy all of the fantastic benefits that it brings.


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