Sure Signs that you NEED to Buy a New Quilt

Australian wool quilt
Australian wool quilt

A comfy, cosy  Australian wool quilt plays an important part in ensuring a good night’s sleep for those who snuggle beneath it. However, like all other pieces of bedding, a wool quilt can only last a certain amount of time until it no longer becomes as effective as it once was. There are some signs for you to look out for which will let you know that your quilt needs to be replaced and we’ve set out a few of them here for you:

  1. Flat and lumpy

When the filling of your quilt collapses, it becomes flat and lumpy. This happens to quilts with any type of filling including down, feather or polyester. If your quilt feels flat or is lumpy in certain spots, then it is definitely time to get a replacement.

  1. Dirty

You already know that washing your quilts is an important part of their care and maintenance and it is recommended that your quilt be washed regularly. However much you wash them, over time, a quilt can build up an amount of dust and skin particles that can cause discolouration. Once your quilt begins to discolour, you should think about purchasing a new one.

  1. Filling is falling out

If the filling of your quilt is leaking, this means that the material cover of the quilt has started to give way. It can also mean that stitching has begun to fail, causing the filling to be released from the quilt.

  1. Age

When considering whether to replace your quilt or not, you should give consideration to its age. While a cheaper quality duvet lasts approximately 2 years, a wool quilt can last you many years. However, if your wool quilt is more than five years old and is showing one or more of the signs that we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to start shopping around for a new quilt.

Paying close attention to your quilt will ensure that you will know when to replace it with a new one. In the long run, this will make sure that you have a better quality of sleep, which is vital to a healthy body and mind.


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