It’s Time to Ditch the Winter Bedding – Summer Time is Here!

Summer BeddingThe warmer weather is almost here which means temperatures are set to rise and good times are fast approaching! Summer brings barbeques, garden parties and beach days but it can also bring hot, sticky nights which can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

To enjoy all that summer brings, it’s important to sort your bedding out now and invest in some appropriate sheets etc. to get you through the next few months.

After all, your winter doona won’t do you any good when you’re sweltering and sticky at night. That said; here are some of our top tips to choosing the right summer bedding.

1 – Cotton sheets

Cotton is a natural, breathable material that encourages natural ventilation making it a perfect choice for your sheets during hot, summer months. Cotton blend sheets such as sateen and percale are also good options.

Another advantage of cotton is that it is easily washed and dried which is an important consideration when it comes to spending less time doing laundry and more time at the beach.

2 – Colour

Believe it or not, sheet colour is also an important consideration when choosing bedding for the summer months.

Darker colours absorb and retain heat from any natural light in your bedroom during the day which means that your bed will feel warm when you get into it that night.

However, lighter colour bedding stays cooler as it reflects natural light making it feel nice and fresh in comparison.

3 – Quilts

During colder months, your priority is to keep as warm and snug as possible, which is why you turn to heavier, thicker quilts.

These types of quilts help to retain and trap more heat than a lighter one, making them perfect for those cooler nights.

However, in summer, your priority changes and while you want to be covered, you need to choose a lighter summer quilt to help you keep cool and comfortable.

That’s when you need to check out summer wool quilts Australia and choose one to replace your winter quilt.

For the best bargains in summer wool quilts, we recommend you go look online for a wool quilt sale where you can make some fantastic savings!

4 – Thread count

While, generally, we are advised that the higher a thread count, the better quality bedding is, things are turned on their head when it comes to choosing summer bedding.

Bedding with a higher thread count can be less breathable which means that it can trap heat within its fibres. Therefore, for summer bedding, you should opt for bedding with a mid-range thread count.

Sleeping during summer isn’t always an easy task but with these tips, you can choose the right bedding which will give you a greater chance of summer sleeping success.


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