The Secret to Getting Great Sleep this Winter


Top Wool Quilt

As we head into winter, there’s nothing nicer than snuggling into a cosy bed after a hard day’s work. Agreed? We thought so!

And the secret to getting better sleep this winter is, simply, making your bed a little bit cosier. For that, you need to get your hands on an Australian wool topper.

By placing a quality 100% Australian wool mattress topper on your bed this winter, you’ll turn your standard mattress into a luxurious 5-star hotel quality bed in an instant.

Sound like an exaggeration? Trust us; it’s definitely not!

A perfect accessory come rain or shine

A plush Australian wool mattress topper is a perfect accessory for your bed, particularly during cooler winter months.

That said; wool mattress toppers are not just a great addition to your bed in autumn and winter.

By choosing to add a reversible topper to your mattress, you’ll find that it will help keep you cool during balmy summer nights, and you simply flip it over to keep you warm and toasty when temperatures start to drop.

Reversible toppers normally incorporate a snuggly wool textured side for winter, contrasted with a cool, crisp cotton side for warmer months to give you the best of both worlds, and ensure that you have a comfortable night’s sleep 365 nights of the year.

Fitted to your bed for a perfect night’s sleep

To ensure maximum comfort and a deep sleep, it’s advisable to choose a fitted wool topper that is secured to your mattress by means of a fitted elasticated skirt, rather than a mattress topper that comes with corner elasticated straps.

A fitted skirt will keep it in place much better than elastic straps would. You can wave goodbye to being disturbed from your sleep because your sheet came off.

Eco-friendly, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial 100% wool mattress toppers

The best kind of wool mattress topper is one that’s made of quality unbleached wool that’s been carded without nasty chemicals or toxins.

The natural properties of wool will help to regulate your body temperature to its optimum level which, in turn, will help your body rest better.

And, as wool is naturally anti-allergenic, a topper made from wool is perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma.

The cool dry environment created by a wool topper makes it extremely difficult for dust mites that cause allergies to live and breed, thus reducing the opportunity for allergies to flare up.

For extra protection from allergies, covering your mattress topper with a 100% cotton sheet will help your topper breathe and perform its role effectively, while giving you a soft surface to sleep on.

Get a Topper Made from Australian Wool and you will Sleep Better

If you’ve never slept on a wool topper before, make this the winter that you test one out for yourself. We bet that you’ll never go back to sleeping on a ‘bare’ mattress again.


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