Ensure Your Bedroom Is Instagram Worthy with an Aussie Wool Doona

Aussie wool quiltsUpdating your bedroom with the latest décor is a great way to make your house feel more modern, stylish and Instagram worthy; and choosing exactly how to create that new look is a lot of fun – trust us!

Whether you get your inspiration from interior design magazines or from social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, no doubt your final decision about how you will decorate your room will be down to your own personal choice.

Do you prefer a simple minimalist look with neutral colours, pared down accessories and hidden storage?

Are you planning to turn your bedroom into a spiritual sanctuary complete with candles, a statue of Buddha and your favourite photographs, or do you have visions of a dark and mysterious boudoir where you can seduce your beau?

Whatever you have in mind, a comfortable bed is a must. And, no matter how you style your bed, by choosing one of the natural Aussie wool quilts to keep you warm, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

How to create impact with your bedding

One of the things all those perfect Pinterest and Instagram bed pics have in common is the way in which the bed has been dressed.

From unruffled sheets to perfectly placed pillows and cushions, these are beds that are fit for royalty. And it’s easier than you think to recreate this look for yourself; all you need is some co-ordinating bedding and a little bit of time and patience.

By building up layers of bedding from a mattress cover and king size quilt to the finishing touches such as cushions and throws, you’ll soon have an Instagram worthy-bed to photograph.

It’s not all about the look, comfort is paramount too

However, no matter how pretty a bed looks, if it’s not comfortable you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep.

We recommend Aussie wool quilts to all our clients, not just for the warmth they bring, but for their ability to keep your body at its optimum temperature by absorbing your perspiration as you sleep.

They’re also a great choice if you suffer from allergies as wool is hypoallergenic.

Choose a quilt that will give you plenty of coverage as you sleep; you don’t want to be fighting over the bedding.

For example, if you have a standard sized bed, choose a king size quilt, or select super king if you have a king-sized bed.

This will ensure plenty of ‘hangover’ to hide a less than perfect bedframe or the things that you keep under your bed, while ensuring that you both stay warm and toasty.

Keeping your bedding fresh and clean

While opinions differ on how often you should change your bed sheets, surveys have shown that on average most of us change our bedding every two weeks.

However, experts suggest that you should change your sheet and any bedding that comes into contact with your skin, together with your pyjamas once a week.

It’s recommended that you wash Aussie wool doonas once a year, providing they’re machine washable.

To keep the rest of your bedding clean consider investing in a good mattress topper or mattress protector to protect your mattress, and be sure to change your pillows every two years.


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