10 Things You May Not Know About Wool & Sheep

Wool Quilt

There is nothing like wrapping oneself up in a comfy pure wool quilt with a cup of coffee and a good book for company on chilly winter nights. Sound familiar?

If so, have you ever considered where that wool that was used to make your quilt came from? And have you thought about what makes your pure wool quilt super snuggly and warm?

We’re guessing that you’ve been too engrossed in your coffee and book to even give your wool quilt a second thought!

On that note; we’ve uncovered the facts for you so that the next time you wrap yourself in woollen comfort, you’ll be aware of the following ten things that you might not already know about wool.

  1. Us Aussies love our wool, so much so that we produce the most wool in the world at a staggering 284,000 tonnes every single year. That’s a lot of wool!
  2. Sheep wool has an unbelievably effective natural level of in-built UV protection, which helps to keep sheep and lambs from getting sun damage.
  3. It resists fire! That one is kind of crazy, right? Most fabrics can’t make the claim that they are fire resistant but wool is an exception.

    But let’s be honest; if you just bought a wool quilt online you will have no plans to set it on fire but it’s still nice to know that even in a worst-case scenario situation, your blanket may be the one thing that keeps you safe.

  4. Wool fibres are extremely flexible and long lasting, so much so that you can bend a wool fibre up to 20,000 times and it will not break. When compared with cotton that typically breaks after just 3,000 bends and a silk fibre that gives way after 2,000 bends, it’s easy to see why wool is such a popular material for clothes and all kinds of bedding.
  5. Mr Hilton Barrett is a fellow Australian who holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest sheep sheering time that was ever recorded. His record? An unbelievable 39.31 seconds.
  6. Wool has a natural resistance to odour retention and microbial growth, making it a perfect option for sticky summer nights. If you plan on buying a wool quilt online, be sure to check its thermal insulation properties before making a purchase.
  7. The fleece from sheep have been used to make clothes for humans since the stone age and with so many unique properties coming from their coat, this will continue right through the information age and beyond.
  8. Wool has an ability to absorb and release water vapour as humidity rises and falls, which is why it’s a perfect, natural insulator.
  9. Take a wool fibre and compare it with a human hair and what you’ll find is that the wool fibre is much thinner.
  10. One normal sized sheep can produce up to 30lbs of wool over the period of just one year.

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