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Sure Signs that you NEED to Buy a New Quilt

Australian wool quilt
Australian wool quilt

A comfy, cosy  Australian wool quilt plays an important part in ensuring a good night’s sleep for those who snuggle beneath it. However, like all other pieces of bedding, a wool quilt can only last a certain amount of time until it no longer becomes as effective as it once was. There are some signs for you to look out for which will let you know that your quilt needs to be replaced and we’ve set out a few of them here for you:

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Qualitative benefits of using Australian wool quilts

Australian wool quilts need no introduction, they are world renowned and are used by people for their high quality output, fabrics, high manufacturing standards and temperature regulation features. If you are going to buy any woollen bed covering for the winter season, check out the below mentioned benefits that will help you attain the best woollen products. These include:

100% premium Australian wool – Check Woolmark Certified seal on the quilts you are going to buy. Woolmark is the world’s leading industry wool regulator. Any woollen products with Woolmark certification ensures nothing but 100% clean, pure, new Australian wool.

Warmth and comfort – A quilt having no breathable fibre will fail to regulate your body temperature and heat will get trapped and you can wake up in a sweat as you have overheted. That is why lightweight, ultra comfortable wool quilts suit people who like to sleep at varying temperatures, particularly couples sharing the same bed.

Value for money – Australian wool quilts have a long life and the top quality quilts offer a 5 year warranty. You spend about 1/3rd of your life in bed so it is worthwhile investing in a top quality wool quilt that ensures you value for money in the long term.

Factory direct prices – If you want to have premium quality woollen quilts at affordable prices, you can purchase them direct from the factory online and delivered to your doorstep,. Some companies even offer free delivery Australia wide for even greater savings.

Premium quality – The best quality wool is produced at organic farms and woollen products made with this wool are sourced from the very best wool farms across Australia. They are certified by the official industry body Woolmark and pass through rigorous quality tests.

Whether you purchase a wool quilt or reversible wool underlay, make sure your choice product gives you above mentioned benefits.

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