4 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Bedding

queen size quilt
queen size quilt

Despite the fact that many of us spend almost 1/3 of our day in bed, we don’t normally give a lot of thought to our bedding.

Sure we’ll have something to say if it’s uncomfortable or irritating us, but generally, bedding serves its purpose and there are usually no reasons to talk about it.

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Sure Signs that you NEED to Buy a New Quilt

Australian wool quilt
Australian wool quilt

A comfy, cosy  Australian wool quilt plays an important part in ensuring a good night’s sleep for those who snuggle beneath it. However, like all other pieces of bedding, a wool quilt can only last a certain amount of time until it no longer becomes as effective as it once was. There are some signs for you to look out for which will let you know that your quilt needs to be replaced and we’ve set out a few of them here for you:

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Quilt for you

Sleep plays a vital part in maintaining our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is really important that you choose bedding that promotes good quality, restful sleep. Your quilt is the most important piece of your bedding and, for that reason; you should take extra care when choosing a new one. With so many different types of quilt to look out for, here are some different types of quilts that you can choose from.

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How to Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

How to Turn your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

If you stop to think about it, your bedroom is where you spend most of your time. With most adults getting an average of eight hours sleep per day, this translates into us spending approximately 1/3 of our day in our bedrooms. To ensure that the time we spend in our bedroom is maximised in terms of comfort, it is important that it is a room of rest and relaxation.

With that said, read on for our advice on how you can turn your bedroom into a real-life sanctuary.

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3 Colour Ideas for your Bedroom

3 Colour Ideas for your Bedroom

Colour plays an important role in our lives – so much so that it is even proven to have an effect on our mood. Similarly, the colours we use in our bedroom have an effect on the quality of our sleep and how restful our bedrooms are to us. This is why it is important to choose the right colour scheme for your bedroom. On that note, here are 3 colour ideas for your bedroom that will ensure that your space is a sanctuary promoting a good night’s sleep:

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All About Your Bed – When To Save And When To Spend

We spend a large portion of every day in our beds, approximately eight hours a day on average. To make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, you need to have the right bed as well as bedding. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune on these things to ensure your comfort. To help you control your budget, here is some advice on what bedding requirements you should spend your money on and where you can make savings.

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Bed Buying Made Simple – Here’s Your Go-to Guide!

Considering we spend up to 1/3 of our day in our beds, it’s important that, when you are buying a bed, you give it the time and careful consideration that it deserves. A bed is made up of three main components – the bed frame, the mattress and the bedding. Here is the ultimate guide to buying the right bed for you.

1. The bed frame
There are many different types and styles of bed frames to choose from and your choice will depend on the style of your bedroom and your own personal preference. There are wooden beds, leather beds, metal frames beds and much, much more. Your budget will also play a part as larger, heavier bed frames will cost a good deal more. You will also have to choose what size of bed frame you want with the general sizes being single, double, queen size and king size.

2. The mattress

There are also a number of mattresses to choose from, which can leave you a little overwhelmed if you don’t know what to look out for. There are firm mattress, soft mattress, orthopaedic mattress, memory foam mattress and pillow top mattress to name just a few. To help you choose the right mattress, the best thing to do is to test each one out there and spend about 5 or so minutes on each one so that you can gauge how your body is responding to the different settings.

3. The bedding

When it comes to buying bedding, you should aim to buy the best bedding that you can afford as it’s not something you should really skimp on. For sheets and pillow cases, thread count is important – the higher the thread count, the softer and luxurious the material. For quilts, you should match your duvet size to the bed frame size. So, if you have a king size bed, opt for a king size quilt or king size doona as they are sometimes referred to.

Once you have the right combination of these three important components, then you are surely onto a winner and your quality of sleep will improve tenfold!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making up the Perfect Bed

You might think that the perfectly made bed is totally unattainable and can only be achieved in magazines or in a shop window. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, the perfect bed is easily achieved if you abide by these easy to follow steps that we’ve got outlined below:

Step 1

The first step to the perfectly made up bed is making sure that the appearance of your bed linen is up to standard. After you have washed and dried your bed linen, ironing is very important. Wrinkled bed linen looks unkempt and messy and by ironing them, you will ensure a pristine, tidy-looking bed. The easiest way to iron your bed linen is to iron them when they are almost dry but not fully dried. This prevents creases drying into your linen and gives it a beautiful and crisp look.

Step 2

When making your bed, start with the fitted sheet first and place it carefully over the mattress. When it comes to covering your mattress, a fitted sheet is a better choice than a flat sheet as it removes the need to master the art of hospital corners which are notoriously difficult.

Step 3

A bolster is a must for the perfectly made up bed. A bolster is a long, thick pillow that is placed at the point where your mattress meets your headboard and gives support to your pillows, keeping them fluffed out and upright once your bed is made.

Step 4

The next thing to do is to turn your attention to your quilt or doona. Many people choose the size of quilt that corresponds with the size of their bed so if they have a king size bed, they choose a king size doona. However, in order to achieve a luxurious look ksqto your bed, you should choose a quilt that is a size bigger than your bed. Therefore, if you have a double bed, choose a king size quilt for that extra luxury. Dress your chosen quilt in an attractive and pressed quilt cover, place the quilt evenly on your bed and smooth out.

Step 5

The last step is the placement of your pillows and bed cushions. Having plenty of pillows adds a feeling of luxury and indulgence to your bed so prop all your pillows against your bolster and finish with a decorative cushion at the very front.

Voila! Step back and admire your handiwork and look forward to that time when you get to climb into that perfectly made up bed.